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Hey aerbabe,

Did you think that this was going to be some cheesy childhood dream type of story? Well.. it is, haha. Here we go,

Growing up, I was always insecure about my eyes. I have monolids, and have always felt my eyes weren't "normal". It seemed like everyone I knew had a double eyelid, and I would envy them. I even wanted to undergo eyelid surgery.

One day, I discovered YouTube where I found amazing content creators- and still to this day- my favorite YouTubers, like ilikeweylie, bubzbeauty and Michelle Phan. All of which have made me laugh, teach me new things and most of all, reminded me of self love.

Fast forward to my preteen years, I discovered false eyelashes and oh man, am I ever happy I did. Wearing them, I felt prettier and more confident. Eventually, with my loved ones, along with my favorite YouTubers promoting self love and happiness- and falsies- I learned to accept the way my eyes are and embrace them.

I no longer dream of undergoing the surgery, my dreams and goals are now centered around what I'm passionate about. I can truly say that I am passionate about false eyelashes, as crazy as that sounds! As little and insignificant as they may seem, they have impacted my life, and starting this lash line is a dream come true.

My two initial styles, double take and low key are my dream lashes- quite literally! I couldn't (and didn't) settle for anything less than what I envisioned in my head. From the logo and packaging to the content and photography on this site, it is exactly how I've imagined it. Dreams do come true. Watch my launch video here!

With these lashes, I want you to find confidence and smile, always,