aer Lashes x Kellative- Creators Collection 2021

aer Lashes x Kellative- Creators Collection 2021

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The aer Lashes Creators Collection consists of styles determined not solely by us, but by our supporters, the content creators and the social media community as a whole. It is a platform we've created to showcase creators' beautiful work, and for everyone to have their input on their favorite lashes and looks.

We are thrilled to introduce the first installment of this collection from our winning creator Kelly Tran!

A special message from Kelly: 

Hello! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

The Creator's Collection has allowed me to explore the definition of beauty and confidence in a new perspective. Thus with a unity between being phenomenal and soft, these lashes are made to fulfill any of your beauty creations with a powerful finishing touch!

May these lashes unlock a new door, new look, or a new opportunity beyond what you dream ♡

Stay beautiful my love!

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T Y P E :

4D mink

C O L O R :


V O L U M E :  


B A N D :  


C O M P L I M E N T S :


W E A R S : up to 25 times